Jyoti Meditation

Jyoti meditation is an introductory form of meditation on inner Light. This method familiarizes students with the process of meditation helping them to focus their attention at the single or third eye located behind and between the eyebrows
where divine Light manifests within. It involves:

  • Stilling the body
  • Stilling the mind by mentally repeating any name of God one feels comfortable with

Meditation is taught as a science and can be practiced by people of all religions, faiths, and belief systems. There is no need to convert or change one's social or religious traditions to practice meditation. While the main purpose of meditation is purely spiritual, the practice has many beneficial by-products:

  • Improves health by reducing stress and
    stress-related ailments
  • Strengthens concentration and focus for academic goals, job efficiency, work productivity, and achievement in different fields of endeavor
  • Develops calmness and equanimity
  • Spreads individual experiences of inner peace to outer peace in families, communities, neighborhoods and the world.

There is a more advanced version of meditation taught by the teachers of Sant Mat entitled Shabd meditation.